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Thursday, September 27, 2007

silent green

Is there a silent revolution going on? Well, on a small scale, maybe. More and more I read about companies doing business more socially and environmentally conscious. Yesterday I read that Philips is working to reduce the energy use of it's products significantly. Post- and Logistics company TNT has been an example for years (it works hard on reducing it's CO2 emission, CEO Peter Bakker giving an example by exchanging his car for a hybrid and they even give their employees paid advice on reducing their private energy use), but McDonald's? Now I read in an interview with managing director Jo Sempels of the hamburger joint that he wants a environmentally neutral restaurant. And they're starting with third world friendly coffee. If they have the windmill on their roof, I promise to buy an icecream there.
I did my share and opened an account at Triodos bank. So I will be one of the many people leaving the sinking Titanic of ABN AMRO. Should I change my gas-slurping classic BMW into a hybrid Toyota too? Going to sleep on that for a while.

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