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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Kniesmeijer theory as missing link?

Interesting review of a new book by Gabriel van den Brink in the Volkskrant (, last friday, by Pieter Hilhorst. Van den Brink writes about modernity and changes in culture. Haven't finished the book (only bought it yesterday..!), but he mentions waves in culture. He even mentions periods of freedom that are replaced by periods of restoration. That comes very close to my thinking. But Hilhorst criticizes the fact that those waves aren't fully explained by Van den Brink. Well, my theory could be of use there. Will see, after reading all of the book. Hilhorst ( I have mentioned before on this blog, he writes interesting views on culture. Think I'll send him a letter. Never know what will come of that. Have to start networking a little, I guess, testing my ideas.

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