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Monday, October 1, 2007

creation day

Heavy day full of discussion about the future of the 'Vereniging van Creatie', the club that wants to spread the knowledge of the Creation Spiral, the 12-step process to move from idea to reality, invented by Marinus Knoope. Plans are to build a Creation Centre somewhere in Holland. Rewarding in the end. Have committed myself to a first active communication plan. We're going to build up to 100.000 books sold (a true bestseller in Holland), which probably will be somewhere april 2008. Made a joke about being jealous, I mean, 100.000 books.. Or, was it a joke..?
First step will be to ask people for their experience with the Creation Spiral. We're tracing the stories behind the users of the book. So if you read this and have a story, let me know.. More about it in the future.
Afterwards drinks at a neighbours place, celebrating the sabattical Martje en Yolande are taking, moving to Bali for 6 months and then Japan for another two. That's a wish made reality. A good creation spiral, one would say.

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