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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Had a discussion about aging skin today, which felt totally relevant, after last night's party. Too much to drink and too little sleep don't do me any favours anymore. More about that: Marcel and Dorothee did me a big favour by not doing favours: they both had a bucketload of criticism on a chapter of my book I gave them. Will have to do more work on that one, before sending it to one of my other favorite readers (give me a week, Anke..). Is it fun to get this criticism? No, and yes. They both confronted me with my expectation that readers will follow me quickly into the Tom Kniesmeijer associative thinking pattern. It's not like that, basically. Have to explain everything into detail, not one of my favorite jobs, but hey, even the dirty jobs need to get done. It sharpens the mind. And that's good. Not always fun, but always good.
So an early night tonight and then, back to the writing table.

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