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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hieperdepiep voor Giep

Long busy day. Woke up after a short night (took the train to Arnhem yesterday and ended up standing still between midnight and 1.00 AM. In bed at three. And it started so well, with the good service of NS when I bought a yearly card.. But the evening was great, first discussing our passion for music with Rene Onstenk and later the communication plan for the Creation Spiral Collective with Annemieke van Esschoten.
Yawning I left for the library to find a book by Dutch historian Johan Huizinga: The Autumn of the Middle Ages. Strange to find that someone else has used to same metaphor in cultural history. But interesting.
And afterwards on to the 75 years Giep Franzen celebration. The godfather of Dutch advertising is also a very kind man, and always shy and nervous when taking the stage, rasping his throat and shaking just a little. But so much to learn from that man. I started in advertising at his agency, and he gave me a course in integrated communication (still an issue). After he retired, he went on to academic level and wrote books on brands, while inspiring hundreds of students and founding SWOCC, a research project paid for by advertisers or media companies like Sanoma. Busy man, that Giep, even at 75. And so many old colleagues to shake hands with...

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