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Friday, October 5, 2007

Jan Smit zingt voor Tom Kniesmeijer

After a day at the library reworking the first chapter of the book, went to my town of birth, Amstelveen, where we had diner with some of my old highschool friends I still see regularly. Always good, always fun. A lot of reflection going on, especially because after diner we visited the mother and sister of Lorine, one of our gang who died already fifteen years ago. Every year we have a little reunion at her mother's place and have a drink on a special friend departing us so soon. Anecdotes fly over the table then. And in between we share some news, Florence as interested in our stories as her sister Lorine always was. And my good friends made me a promise they will regret later: after I told about my book and it's theme, they said they would book a singer for the book presentation. Yes! Jan Smit, our 'national hero', singing On the way to happiness (Op Weg Naar Geluk), with the lines 'Lente, Zomer, Herfst en Winter' (the four seasons of my book). Well, thank you, friends. It is appreciated.

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