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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

coffeebreak break out

Before you know it, your life is a series of daily rituals again..: the girls at the Blenz counter automatically charge me for a medium cappuchino and the guy making it, who left Serbia in his early thirties (yes, that would figure) is making short conversation (his brother in law is from Arnhem and believe it or not, writing a book here, about rituals). The security guard at the library is greeting me as a regular customer. Even at the swimming pool, they say: "you go in front, you're better at breaststroke". I don't mind, there is something friendly and familiar in people recognizing and anticipating for you. Makes you feel right at home. But today I couldn't resist and ordered another type of coffee. Hey, I mean, I've got more sides to me than a medium cappuchino! They were actually shocked and we got into a discussion about change and age. They thought people shouldn't change after a certain age which they guessed at 38, thank you, I will remain a loyal customer. I argued that a little surprise keeps you alive. Philosophy over the coffeecounter. Would you like to drink the same coffee the rest of your life..? The thought depresses me. I am a seventies child remember? Always something new to discover about myself. Once, when somebody asked me why I was trying out every new thing (we were talking about music), I answered that I am such a rooted person, I need some roll to not turn into a rock. Keep rolling, is what I say. Even if it's only a once-a-week change in coffee..

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