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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Idol's Gone

Watching the American Idol finale. Last week, very surprisingly, the best singer by far was voted out. When the presenter outed the words "Melinda is going home, Blake is in the finals", you could actually hear the air going out of the audience. Simon Cow, the American variant of the harsh judge, looked rather pissed off. Simon, by the way, makes a heck of a lot more sense than the Dutch guy whose name I can never remember, only his ‘look Mom, I’m on TV, isn’t that greaaaat...!!’ smile (Henk something?). The level of the candidates is ten times better than in Holland (well, America IS ten times bigger..), but Melinda was a class apart.

Only she suffered from reversed discrimination, I guess. She was too nice. Kept looking surprised when she got another raving review. And talked about her Mom and her religion just once too often. Funny to notice that: you can be religious and nice, but please don’t keep flaunting it in public. It is a bit like complaining about a gay parade. But that’s just what is happening in these shows: overexposure of some traits because they are on prime time television each week and they’re not professional enough yet to be able to change image during that time. And of course, always being best in class will cost you the vote of the large group of underdog lovers. And they voted for the cute boy and the teenage girl last week.

The cute guy with the two-tone colored spiky hair didn’t sing that well tonight (and his little mouth-movements start to irritate), so probably Jordin, the huge (she towered next to the presenter) but always smiling girl of 17, will win. Ah well, Melinda will have a career, I’m sure, perhaps in musicals and gospel based music. Even I would consider buying an album. If she doesn’t flaunt her niceties too much, that is.
That completes the vote of the Canadian jury.

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anke said...

'Onze' Idols finaliste - vraag me niet hoe ze heet - is ook erg religieus en dat kwam tijdens de shows ook ter sprake. Laatst zag ik haar nog een hele 'belijdenis' doen bij Knevel. Dat sprak hier dus blijkbaar wel aan. Wij zitten vast verder in de 'timecycle'!