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Monday, May 7, 2007

Power closed to twodimensional women

Was watching a programme which showed scenes of the debate between Royale and Sarkozy.
Poor Royale.. It's hard to be a female politician and still score in the closed timeframe we are living in right now. Most people search for authenticity, one-dimensionality and reinforcement of things known. So the fragment showed Sarkozy in a pose as the übermale, sceptical and superior, while Royale was upset. And when she fired at him. all he needed to do is make condescending remarks. His non verbal behavior was like 'tut-tut', the little lady is getting angry. And she went on deying she was angry, which made her look even less stable. Too many emotions.. No Angela Merkel (or even more one-dimensional: Margareth Thatcher..!), for sure, people will think and turn to Sarkozy. While men can claim history has proven that they can be good leaders, women always have to proof that. And in uncertain times, that might just tip the scale to the 'safe' side. Just like Wouter Bos in Holland was put away like a wiggler or a turn-stile (draaikont), uncertainty leads to loss of votes..
There will be a change in the spirit of the times, but whether it will be in time for Hillary Clinton to have a chance to become the first female president of the USA, will remain to be seen.

For music lovers: closed timeframes bring along good music too: Mavis Staples is back, on an album she made with Ry Cooder. Old protest songs from the times she was still in the Staple Singers, but in a modern style. I loved it. You can listen to both her album and others (the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Like Rolling Stones on speed..) on the VPRO site:

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