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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

canadian bowling by my brother Hans

Canadian Bowling, by Hans Kniesmeijer

Some things are the same the world over yet they are slightly different, things like food, coffee, music, public transport and so on. Bowling in Canada is a whole different cup of tea. The three of us wanted to go bowling so we went for it.
The balls you use for Canadian Bowling are very small, just slightly larger than a tennisball. Furthermore there are only five pins and you get to throw three times and the lane is shorter than a 10 pin lane.

Now there is something you need to know, something that always happens whenever Tom and me do something competitive. Grown men turn into small children. Ludo games turn into battlefields and card games turn into pop charts. Pop charts?
Yes pop charts. The highest score gets to be the number one and we don’t shut up over it. This happened with Canadian Bowling too. Tom won the first round, setting the family record at a dazzling 128. I scored 107, Chango 123.

I was bowling like a madman in the next set. Tom’s sour face pushed me to greater hights and I set an incredible family score at 152. Chango took second place with 128, Tom 126. This meant even added up my two scores were better......
The final round, i hate to say, went to Tom, with a measly 133. so it was two to one, his total score being higher than mine. But hey, my family record will be in the books for a long time, maybe even forever. I can’t see anyone go Canadian Bowling. Unless my weasley brother is going to give up swimming here and take on bowling, just to get that family record.



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