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Friday, May 4, 2007

Long Live The Seventies

Have been digging into the seventies. The very term ‘the Sixties’ conjures a whole set of political, social and cultural associations. So does ‘the Eighties’. References to a ‘hippie’ or an ‘yuppie’ evoke knowing nods and clear, if stereotyped, images. But the Seventies elicit mostly laughter: images of wild fashions and silly dance music come to mind. It calls forth a ‘wasted generation’, a rootless youth culture wavering between the political commitments of the 1960s and the career ambitions of the 1980s-a generation that spent much of its uncertain time ‘wasted’.
Not true. Of course. Have written some first lines on the 'summer' timeframe, between 1971 and 1977. First part below. Next part(s) tomorrow. In Dutch. My heartfelt apology for the English and Chinese speaking visitors I have on these pages.

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