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Friday, May 25, 2007

A quiet night in

Was planning to write a piece on Anita Roddick from the Body Shop, who decribes herself as a positively spirited anarchist, and is a good example of a business person who started during an autumn period, 1976-1977. Was never a loyal client of her shops (don't like all the apple and pear scents), but the book gave a nice insight into her fights, even within her own company. Made me appreciate her more than before.
Unfortunately, writing about it will have to wait till tomorrow, because my notes are in the other room. The room where my brother and nephew are already sleeping now. Chango was wide awake, up to the last minute he was jumping around the bed, but within a minute in the bed, he was gone. Hope Hans can sleep too.. We had a small diner in my favorite café, where the most friendly Japanese guy is guessing where everybody is originating from. But he didn't even see Hans is my brother. Look at the nose, man..! If there is one thing all 4 Kniesmeijer sons know for sure, then it would have to be we stem from the same father, judging from the nose alone.
So now I'm sitting on my bed typing this, thinking I might not do any work at all tomorrow, maybe we'll go swimming, because not only me, but Chango too loves swimming. Do we see a real champion in the future..?
Goodnight, then.

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