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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Queen hates gays..

Tomorrow my brother Hans (39) is arriving with his son Chango (6), for a week. See if we can keep them occupied, so they don't dose off because of jetlag.. Have bought an inflatable bed, so all's ready here.

Read an article about The Eurythmics which stated a lot of people in America thought Annie Lennox, the singer, was a lesbian, because she wore a suit with short hair, when they first started performing. And of course, the image of a strong woman might help that stereotype too. But it turned into something rather idiotic when they invited Aretha Franklin for a duet: Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves. Says the book: "after insisting certain lyrics be amended, Franklin believed Lennox was gay and such was her dislike of gays she refused to converse with her."
Strange too: though I've never been a real fan of Aretha Franklin, I like a lot of her tracks. They seem rather spiritual and open minded. But this information does change the way I look at her, too. The Queen of Soul, they say. Ha! One could make nice jokes about that. Anyway, no sale for that greatest hits album here. I don't specifically need that feeling a singer is singing each song especially to me, as some people seem to like, but as Aretha wouldn't even 'talk' to gays, I personally think I wouldn't let her 'sing' to them either..

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