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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Popping the question

Rewriting some stuff, and diving into Dutch politics a little more. The chaos and opportunism in the beginning of the eighties, during an ‘autumn’ period, with governments falling like leaves of a tree, and comparing that with the next ‘autumn’ period between 2000 and 2003, with all the Pim Fortuyn drama (and of course, the chaos in Dutch society at that time). Timeframes, they do strange things to people...
Popping question. If you eat popcorn, is that counting as vegetables? It’s pure corn, isn’t it? They never tell you about those important things in healthy eating magazines. Weather here is getting better by the day. Took a long walk to the swimming pool, along the harbor front. Very sunny. They closed one shower room, the one I always use. Until further notice. Must have found a little legionella or other bacteria.. If this blog suddenly isn’t refreshed anymore, you know the reason now.
Almost don’t dare to admit: found a DVD of Golden Girls left behind on a table of the library and decided to loan it. Typical eighties material, but still fun.

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