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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

philosophy on a new balcony

The books I bought in Vancouver up till now.

Have carried 89 books over to my new address this morning. Like my new place, right across from the library. Not that I've been there today. Was floored and only did some shopping for groceries. Not the easiest job in this part of town. And sat in a chair, thinking about life in general and the aspects of my identity I feel like playing up the next few years of my life. Just like yesterday. Someone explained to me once that my basic job in life is convincing people of their possibilities: translating what's outside into things people will understand and can use inside. A reality storyteller. And that was before I started giving trendpresentations. It's true, already was a social skills trainer before starting a career in advertising. Some parts of that I want to integrate into my work again.
I have made jokes about clothing styles for 'the man in his forties' (NO MORE sporty hoods and stupid caps that say: 'I may be old but I still feel like 18', but haven't found a good alternative for the cliché suits), but it is also a serious question for me: what about the role I want myself to play in life? The charm of a youthful and playful style is wearing thin, and it bores me. I like my age, though not every wrinkle and muscle ache. The eagerness remains: I want people to DO something with the things I find out about life outside and tell them. And that is not an easy task..
That's why I loved the Creation Cycle/Spiral. See older logs. Will get back to that soon. Well well, philosophy on the balcony (my new study is actually a rebuilt balcony). Read all about it, the coming weeks. Nu maar weer snel Law and Order kijken.

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