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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Unknown pleasures at the Waterfront

Yesterday the weather was fine and after lunch I noticed the snow capped mountain at the end of the street again, always making me feel very content just looking at it.
Decided to take a book and walk towards it. That is, until arriving at the waterfront. The mountain itself, of course, is on the other side of the water.Saw myself sitting on a sun drenched outdoor patio, with a drink, looking out over the water, at the mountain, reading a little, enjoying myself. Picture it? Well, that worked out in the end, after I had settled for a Iced Chai Latte from Starbucks (no Blenz in sight) and found some stairs to settle unto, that is.

So many open squares, but all without restaurants, let alone patios..
Wonder why. No terrace life? They do have heated patios everywhere else in town, but none of those at the waterfront. Another regulated Canadian thing? Don’t know. But did see The Volendam, the outrageously big cruise ship at the docks. And they’re building like crazy to accommodate the Olympic Games in 2010.
Never mind, I had a book on Unknown Pleasures, the classic Joy Division album from June 1979. The title of course, should have been a sign, thinking of waterfront patios in Vancouver.Missed out on the album at first, when it was released, so busy celebrating the end of high school and the beginning of independence. Boogying on the dance floor and preparing for the Interrail holiday with friends. Let's say my mood did not really reflect the themes of the music on Unknown Pleasures. But more on Joy Division another time..


anke said...

Hoe kom je aan dat boek?

Tom Kniesmeijer said...

Kocht het boek in een winkel. Uit de serie 331/3, goede serie met boekjes over klassieke albums. Heb ook Low, over David Bowie. Zijn er ondertussen een stuk of vijftig. Kleine binnenzakboekjes, erg lekker om bijvoorbeeld op een vliegveld te kopen.