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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Alaska-I'm coming

Ha! Found an alternative for a cruise. So I will be flying to Prince Rupert July first, staying there for two days and then on a ferry which will take a day and a night to take me to Juneau.

Chances were I had to sleep on deck, but in the end they had a cabin for me. In Juneau (anyone been there, tips..?) I can do some gletscher walking/seeing and enjoy the snow capped mountains and perhaps some more whales. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Have images of quiet mountains and endless sea touching each other and cold busy creeks running through a small town. That last part I haven't thought of until now.. Will have to do a check on the population of Juneau.. And hope I can get myself into a few tours. Read they have tours flying unto a gletscher and taking a walk there. Have done such a thing in New Zealand. A high point. Hearing the creaks and seeing the different colors of the ice around you. Very very impressive. Is it ecologically sound?? Hmm, I will recycle extra until then. And on july 8 or 9 I hope to fly to Seattle and stay there for a few days before returning to Vancouver and then to.. Amsterdam..
A nice last two weeks I guess, so working steadily on the book until then.

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