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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Back to business

Brought my brother to the airport yesterday. Again, it is harder to see someone going than going yourself. There is a feeling of loss seeing Hans and Chango move past the gate. But we had a very good week.
Here it is back to business again, my last month here, I gather. Like I promised Hans, it has started to rain again, the day after he left. We had a full week of 26+ degrees.. I don't mind that much. Yesterday it was close to 30 degrees and I am more of a spring climate lover. Give me 20-22 degrees and life is good. After swimming practice I opted for the library to get into the swing of reading and writing again. Must say I yawned more than I wrote. But read some interesting material about 70s fashion. It is interesting to see that with social confusion rising and especially (heterosexual) men under fire, the fashion turned into compensation, at the end of the 'summer' timeframe and the beginning of autumn (1977). No more unisex or androgynous (glam rock, disco) clothes, but cowboy boots, lumberjack shirts, army inspired GI-style clothes. Leading, in the end, to the parody of the Village People: all masculinity icons turned into a huge carnival.

And in the mean time I thought: let's search for a week of holiday again before returning to Amsterdam, at the beginning of july. Would like to see some glaciers in Alaska, but cruising there is not easy, on your own. 200% extra on a ticket seems a normal phenomenon. And by air we encounter the monopoly of Alaskan Air. Will see what will show up.

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