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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Woolly Tom

This morning I had a good skypesession with Marcel, who has read another chapter of my book. I often joke we see each other more now than when both in Holland, chatting each morning (me) and evening (him). It’s different of course. But sometimes technology is of great help. It’s good to discuss my work, there are always some things that can be sharped and I do tend to take side roads sometimes. What was it that a colleague once said? ‘Good stuff, but you are a bit woolly’. Don’t think that’s an expression in English.

Polar bears are very woolly, that’s why they love winter so much, even on the north pole. I saw Alaska, Spirit Of The Wild. A movie about the place I’m about to travel to (well, a fragment of it). It played at the end of Canada Place, at the back of the pier. Alongside it was the biggest cruise ship I’ve ever seen. My god, I could have been a flock of human dust, lost on one of the gigantic floors of that monster.. Good for me I’ve chosen another route.

Read a review on the net that someone found ‘Alaska’ the best movie ever. That’s a bit too much honor for a quite nice, 45 minute TV documentary stretched out on a movie screen and over-voice-overed by Charlton Heston. But there were breathtaking views of the Alaskan mountains and the already mentioned polar bears, who can only hunt in ultra-cold winter time, otherwise they cannot reach the seal-burgers they need for survival. Don’t think I will see some polar bears, but grizzlies and brown bears seem to be very common around Juneau. Hmm, let’s wait and see if I will encounter one. I’d rather have some distance between us, bear-lover or not.

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