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Monday, June 25, 2007

weight lifting

Now I'm in my last week, the question surfaces how I deal with around 20 kilo of books while travelling to Prince Rupert, Juneau and Seattle.. Storage is not that easy, since terrorism hit the modern world.. I thought about sending it home by post, but the average quote amounts to more than 300 dollars. After some contradictory information about the luggage deposit at the airport, I found out by just going there that in the end it is possible to store a bag for twelve days (though through the phone I got the impression that there was a maximum of a week). That's taking a weight off my shoulders.

Booked some day trips in Alaska, just to be sure. Why O Why Am I called Kniesmeijer? Why not something simple like Smith? And try getting 'van Hilligaert' over correct, if they insist on having your home-address. In the end I found out the only solution is to send them a message with all the information, so they just have to reply. Still, got one confirmation on the name of Neesmay.
Always good for a smile. And then... Off to the library again. Only five more days to go, before leaving the city, the homeless man on the corner greeting me each morning, the boys and girls of Blenz and even the smelly man that took a seat next to me for half an hour in the library.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, I still miss blenz, carrot cake, mahinder, our homeless friend and the Frasier and CSI reruns. Why don't you buy an appartement in Vancouver?