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Saturday, June 16, 2007

In the Dutch Ocean's

While walking down my street, I saw that a plane full of Dutchmen were offloaded here. Or so I thought, seeing orange all around me. Strange, how one reacts to that without at first consciously noticing it. Orange T-shirts mean Dutchmen. Or not? Turns out, there is a local football club that has orange as its club color. Obviously, they are called the BC Lions. Must be a Dutch connection somewhere? Let the Lion not in his underwear stand, boys! Anyway, I felt a connection. Though I hate most collectives, in a foreign country, they remind me of home. And here, applied in a subtle dose, orange stems me mild and reflective.

To see more collectives, I was on my way to see Ocean’s Thirteen. That’s an entertaining movie. It’s like a night out with the boys. Much ado about nothing, but fun anyway. There is no real clue, it was over without a real nerve wrecking climax, there was no real story line to hold on to (except the main theme: rid the man of his money), but lots of gadgets and male bonding. Tastefully done, one would say, balls included. And a smirk here and there. Of course, Brad Pitt looked cool as always, in his suits and shirts. He keeps out-looking George Clooney in his scenes. But still, together they are these guys that make a night out just plain fun by a joke here and a action plan there.

Julia Roberts was nowhere to be seen, this time. The whole movie is about loyalty. Men only, to defend their group honor. There is no other theme than only the helping out of a comrade that has been wronged. Solidarity and sentimentality. Even Oprah has a part in the movie, playing herself. That’s the timeframe: group think, sentimentality, order and justice. It was Ocean’s Eleven, but without the opportunism of that timeframe. It’s the same movie made for winter. Like a lot of winter movies: you don’t miss much if you miss it, but makes you feel like you had a good night out with a group of old friends.

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