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Sunday, June 24, 2007

sudden mood lifting

Mixed emotions. For the first time, I really feel like going home. Seeing Marcel again. Also, the routine at the library has lost its shine. And at the same time there’s melancholy, because this is, already, my last week in Vancouver. Having to leave this city. Time flies. Have been re-reading some stuff and thinking it needs a lot more work. The negative mood got to me for a while. I snapped out by breaking out and visiting a ‘musical soirée’ the swimming club had organized. Found the street on Google Maps, printed the address, took a bus early, so I could take the opportunity of seeing a new neighborhood and do some shopping. And.. found out I forgot to take the address with me..

Praise my sense of direction. I remembered it was a curved lane near a park, starting with an 'o’, sounding like Oslo, the number starting with 34.. 3428? 3439? 3481? I found the street. Walking up there I noticed two other swimmers getting out of a car. Well, there it was. Beautiful villa, and and evening full of swimmers who also play music. Our host even had two grand pianos in his living room.. They’re serious about everything. The food was great, the musicians were good, the atmosphere fine. Again, mixed feelings. Nice people, but haven’t really got to know them, by a few remarks in between lanes in the pool and small talk in between the music at the party. But as a farewell party, I could honestly say I appreciated it.

And after a good night sleep I took a dive in the pool and went to the library again. Refreshed. Have written some new stuff. Think it will be good last week.

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Ernst-Jan said...

Hoi Tom,
Nu pas voor het eerst je Blog bezocht. Ik zie dat er veel te lezen is dus ik zal dat eerst eens gaan doen ipv allerlei vragen stellen. Wat gaat er gebeuren als je Vancouver nu gaat verlaten?

Hier gaat alles z'n gangetje. Niet zoveel schokkends.
Ik ga lezen.