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Monday, June 11, 2007

Eve and the Apple?

Well, you know how it is. A nice morning, you leave for the library, get your medium cappuchino, take a seat at your favorite library booth, turn on your computer and.. hey, what’s that? Turn on your c...Try again there, turn on your.. NONONONO! The computer doesn’t start! Now don’t panic. Try. Retry Trytrytrytrytry-cry..? Well, I stayed calm, drank my coffee and tried to remember when I made the last backup, thinking I’ve never been very lucky with Apples during my career. Turned out the last back up was the day before yesterday. Damage control. Go home. Try again. Now with power connected. And that works. Relief. So only the battery is dead, though it is fully charged. Printed heaps of stuff I wrote, just to make sure and headed back. Nice start of the day.

Disco or church, spot the differences?

So all the notes on DJ culture are saved. And I understand much better why I always wanted to DJ. People who know me, I’ve always said I’m a reverent or priest really, only without the religious beliefs. And what does the book say? “Without a doubt, disco heralded the arrival of a new figure: the DJ as high priest. As one DJ said: The disco scene is a classic case of spilled religion, of seeking to obtain the spiritual exaltation of the sacred world by intensifying the pleasures of the secular.” Now that sounds nice, doesn’t it? The DJ is a filter, he takes music, rearranges it and weaves a new story with it, feeding that back to his public. Well that’s what I like to do to. Taking information, finding a story line in it and feeding that back to the world. For the moment, I won’t just yet proclaim my book will be the next bible, though. Let’s try and remain modest until the moment I have my own talk show.

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