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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bye bye Blenz

Day of first good byes. The girl in Blenz isn't working the coming days. Flattering she remembered to say goodbye. She writes short stories. I said: you should. She asked if I would send my book to Blenz. I said 'the moment the English translation comes out'.
She makes great foam, pouring it on the coffee so a little heart appears on top. Attentive detail. One would almost get emotional in a coffee shop.

And tonight I said good bye to the English Bay swimming club. Promised the trainer I would never complain again in Amsterdam, having gone through his treatment. They do everything serious and in plenty of repetition. 800 meters with only arms, 800 meters mostly legs, and then we're off for 24 times 75 meters. There could be a little more variation in the program, but the trainers are friendly. No emotions here, basically because I was too tired to feel anything but my arms and legs. Well, bye. It was fun.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, going went gone, that's it.
Is someone picking you up? Let me know, I can come and collect you and your heavy bags.

Have fun in Alaska, look forward to seeing you again.