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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Orrin & Evelyn Klapp

Orrin Klapp, the author of the book that was the inspiration to start on my book, has died, a few years ago. Well, that figures, he would be far into his nineties by now. Strange that there was no information to be found on his life and death on the internet. But after a few emails to universities, I got a very friendly mail from Bohdan Kolody, Professor of Sociology at the SDSU, the university in San Diego. All praise to him. He took the trouble to ask around and found the address of Evelyn Klapp, Orrin's widow.

I sent her a letter, just to let her know I was writing a book based on thoughts of her late husband and asking if she has a little more information about professor Klapp's life. She is around 90 also, so they must have led a healthy lifestyle, together..

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