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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Am I a security seeker?

What is it with rental agencies? Or am I to be labeled as a security seeker? Getting an appartment in Vancouver is going to be a last minute affair. Tried to find residence for the first time in september 06. Reaction varied from 'no answer' to: get back to us in a few months time..
Tried again the last couple of days. Still mostly zero reaction. Points are scored by Bruce Ward Realty, though. They at least reacted positively, be it with a motherly style referral to an earlier mail (I had all forgotten about):

hello tom - happy new year and thanks for keeping us in mind for your upcoming stay here in vancouver!- however - *sorry* - its still too early for availability/bookings (remember - "approximaltey 2.5 weeks prior to arrival date...") -

Keep the faith.


frank2be said...

Oh great, another midlife crisis we have to endure on the net??

Tom Kniesmeijer said...

Dear Frank,

However did you reach that conclusion? Mid-life crisis is not a very accurate description. My father now is the oldest living male Kniesmeijer ever, at 76, which means I am way over half my lifespan. And where did you find the crisis in this log?

Thinking of mid-life crises I see men in leather drag, designed to meet their longed for ‘Í am still dangerous you know’ image, getting on a bike and carefully steering ‘the beast’ at a maximum speed level of 40 miles (so much to lose..). And thinking further along this line I could take a shot at everyone above 40 still wearing those “hey I may be 40 but I still feel like 20” hoodies and caps. Midlife crises are about men trying to desperately hold on to something that has slowly slipped away from them: youth and the feeling of irresponsibility. Why would you want to go back when there is so much waiting for you in the future?

If someone in his forties decides to write a book, that does not directly reflect a crisis. I plan to take my life a step further. It is a natural progression for me. And I hate going back!
What an easy and superficial statement it is then, Frank2be!