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Monday, January 22, 2007


Why do I write this blog in English, Anke asked me. Good question. I just started in English, without much thought. It feels like the internet language, but moreover, it brings me in my Vancouver mood (I can dream, can't I..?), and I can start practicing already. And even my few English speaking friends can't complain I will not send any mail from Vancouver..
There is a difference between writing and speaking of course. Turnaround talking, I might call it. Now I am talking Dutch all day and writing English. In Vancouver I will have to talk English and write Dutch, at least my book. Tried to work on a synopsis of my book this weekend, but too many other things on my mind. Seems I will have to look for a publisher after writing the book.. Have made a list though of all the things I still need to do. If I do two things each day, most of the list will be cleared before I leave. Fun. Not my best side, this.

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