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Friday, January 19, 2007

Shanghai, here I come..?

It seems Shanghai is becoming reality for me. Giving two advertising seminars about 'how to write better creative briefs' in two days.. But having two extra days to look around. Great!
Have been discussing going to China for about a year now, as a member of the Re:set committee in the Netherlands (aimed at getting advertising agencies to innovate more), but until now we couldn't materialize a trip for agencies, to go and watch the future over there. And now, suddenly, I am going..!
I feel very sorry for Bert, my former colleague who came with this opportunity. Personal circumstances make it impossible for him to go. Strength to him.

Gave a seminar today and it went well. I have the tendency to talk too much (roeptoeter!)because I like my topics so much. But fortunately I could withold myself from going into too many sideroads. Felt like there were so many opportunities for the company I was helping, that it almost feels a shame to leave them to it, at six o'clock. Discussing real brand strategies still excites me..

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