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Friday, January 12, 2007

Why? Some FAQ's

When are you leaving? -3rd of march
Have you booked a ticket yet? -No
Have you got an appartment yet? -No
Are you going alone? -Yes
Aren't you afraid you'll be lonely? -No

It seems the fact that I travel alone does something to the imagination of people. Not that I want to leave my partner. I just want to write a book. And I have never managed to write more than three days in a row in Amsterdam. Of course Marcel did not like the idea that much, me leaving. But he told me I should do what I need to do, just like I knew he would. That's why we have a good relationship. Being together does not mean always mean sitting next to each other on a couch. It means stimulating each other and enjoying the steps the other takes in life (try it, it's not that hard). He loves Indonesia, I hate it. He went with a friend. I want to write a book, he has to work. I'm going alone.
I will get lonely, I think. Only, I have never been afraid of that emotion. Loneliness and melancholy moods suit me fine (bring on one of the desperate Joy Division albums..!). I would be much too cheerful otherwise. Knowing no one in Vancouver has it's advantages. Now I can even write all evening!

Anyway, the most funny question was from an ex-colleague I met in town: "Back already? How's the book?" He asked, all earnest. That's what you get if you talk too much too soon. But hey, talking about it made it real in the first place.


Michael said...

Good luck out there, Tom. And book your flight soon, saves you lots of euro's.
Another useful link for you follows below. Look them up in their Vancouver hq, tell us about them - do they still have a role to play or have consumers survived them. And let us know what you yourself think of them.

Tom Kniesmeijer said...

A comment by Anke, which she couldn't get on the site (does that happen to more people..??)

Talking about Adbusters: For my dissertation (you remember; I'm in the proces of writing as well:-) )
I tried to get hold of an specific ad they had in the New York Times in 2001? with the folllowing heading:
Ours is the first culture in history to have moved inside media - to have largely replaced direct contact with people and nature for simulated versions on TV, sponsored by corporations".
I'd really like to have a copy of this ad, but trying for weeks at different department of Adbusters didn't get me anywhere. Probably you could give it a try?!

Groet, anke