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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Vancouver?

What can I say? I was there a few years ago without even thinking of writing a book. I loved the city and found myself walking streets and looking at appartments like I was going to live there. Now, six years on, I still have a street plan in my head. Of course I could go on about the laid back athmosphere or the sea and the mountains, Vancouver Island. Truth is, it was pure intuition.
Far more interesting than city character was that when I visualized myself writing a book, it always was in Vancouver. Never had another place in my mind. I even started dreaming about it: I was in Vancouver in an appartment with a laptop. And the laptop was important. There was nothing else there. Just me, a desk and a laptop, with a view on Vancouver through the window.
Follow your dreams, they always say. So I did.

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