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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My own strength summarized..

Been approached by a few headhunters. Always interesting to hear what they have in their portfolio, but have answered them that I will not be available until september, earliest.
Feels good (and a little cool.. Having the arrogance to say: 'no, thanks, not now').
It brings on discussion about my strengths and weaknesses though. Re-reading yesterday's post I was reminded of them. Following the creation spiral(, my primary strengths must be in the first few steps: understanding wishes and desires, and being able to give them words, meaning and some sort of visualization. I can inspire people and help them unto the next level. After that, I face some weak moments: the detailing and planning. Researching everything, reworking details and planning everything in the right order. I hate that, as friends will heartily agree. I keep forgetting to plan details for birthday parties ('have you invited everyone, Tom??') or the project of moving to Vancouver ('got a ticket? An appartment?').
Mostly, I just skip this stage and move on to the decision phase. I can easily make decisions, just because I hate bothering about details that might scare other people away from making the decision in the first place. For me, it's an easy way: I just decide and in the end, I will have to deal with details and deadlines. And in the end, of course, most details are worked out fine. Or you get help from control freaks.
After the decision another strength appears: I do not have trouble holding on to an idea, and working on it. Can be stubborn even. Did some sensitivity courses during my studies and even then most members depicted me as the one they felt would always see them through, with a joke that makes the problems seem just a little bit smaller and thus surmountable. Keep going!
And to finish: I LOVE getting applauded. Hey, I am a Leo..! Funny as it may seem, most people have problems on this part of the circle. It is difficult to stand and take the praise. But if you don't let them praise you, they will not see the specialty of what you did and thus make your contribution smaller than it basically was. Taking praise is a course in itself.

So: my advice: skip details, make decisions. See what problems arise. Deal with them. Most will vanish by themselves. And enjoy the ride, once you start. Easy enough for you?

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