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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

making dreams reality is easy, it just happens..

Yesterday I drove out to Lent, a little town near Nijmegen, to meet the other boardmembers of the 'Vereniging voor Creatie'. Founder of this club is Marinus Knoope, a former physic who, in his own words, discovered the Creation Spiral (, sorry, no English version yet, though we're working on that). He wrote a book about it and does presentations and workshops that are a rare mix between comedy and spirituality; a very involving experience.
His theme is that it's very easy to translate personal dreams into reality, just like in nature there is a very natural way to go from seed to harvest. He created twelve steps, starting with a wish and ending with relaxation into a new reality. Easy as that. Read his book. It's not only funny, it helps too. It is serious matter, but treated with enough humour to make it that involving experience. More about it later. Also about what I plan to do with it.

I met Marinus a year ago, when I asked him to speak on a seminar I was organizing. In my introduction I mentioned that I always wanted to be a reverent, but since I lacked any religious faith, I chose advertising instead. In his speech, Marinus told us he always felt a bit like Jesus: preaching the truth, but people keep forgetting. We should get together, I shouted, we could start a sect! And so it began.

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