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Friday, January 5, 2007

Still thinking about the comment yesterday that I am a midlife crisis victim. Such superficial judgement, Frank2be! Brought to mind the domain I claimed this year: (nopinie means nopinion). Haven't made it into a site yet. Perhaps I should. Sometimes I feel that these days everybody has an instant opinion on just about everything, being sure he is right without giving it a second thought (I say what I think and I do what I say). Well, my opninon is that it is inpolite, and hostile towards anyone thinking different. Would be nice to have a site where no opinion would be allowed. Where everybody is forced to search for the nuances in issues. The truth is so damned difficult to find, these days. Let's help eachother by asking questions instead of shouting judgements! I know the net is destined to be the place where everyone can just shout anything anonimously, but it would be great to have a slow, nuanced, witty, open and intelligent discussion about current issues. Instead of just trying to ridicule and belittle eachother, killing every fresh thought before it might turn into something good.

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