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Friday, January 26, 2007

failure is NOT an option

Ha! Reached the embassy at 9.05, early enough to be number 21.. But the staff work steadily, so I left the building at 10.45, with a visum for China. YES, it is official, the door of the land of the endless opportunities will open for me, next week. If I don't get sick, that is. My eyes feel watery and my stomach is slightly upset. Will try and swim it off before returning the borrowed car to Sylwia.
'Failure is NOT an option', is the text on the rubber band I got from Dorothée. She brought it back from Houston. Have to laugh every time I look at it. Some people don't understand, even think of it as a little offensive. But I love the paradox between the humour and the power of the message. Typical Dorothée. And it works for me too. Will wear it all day long while in Canada. But it will also help me through this more than busy last month in Holland.

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