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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bobo and k'nex

Just back from celebrating my litlle nephew's birthday. He's 6 years old now. He wanted a whole lot of K'nex and we played with it until after ten o'clock, because he demanded a working set-up when waking tomorrow morning. Didn't know that technical kids stuff was that impossible to grasp.. Got something working OK, but it doesn't really look like the picture on the box. For me, that's the fun part though. I always just try to click everything together and see if I can get it working. Not only with plays, also with new household appliances or bookshelves.. (and while I am already screwing everything together in what I think is a logical order, I see Marcel sitting on the couch, reading the user manual- to each his own..).
Tried to get my nephew to just work from pleasure and click things together the way he felt like. He started with enthusiasm, but in the end he kept looking at the box. Kids of his age need structure, it seems. He demanded it should at least look a little like the picture. Hope he isn't dissatisfied with my work tomorrow. At least he can read the Bobo (kid's magazine) I bought him. Always stimulate kids to read, is what I say. And he likes to read, now he can, a little. Against the trend, I know. But no harm in trying. Must read for every kid will always be the Bolke The Bear series by AD Hildebrandt. So you know what to buy YOUR nephews.
(Thank you for asking, the shoulder still hurts, but it is slowly getting better..)

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Anonymous said...

dit is dus de clou, tom. als other of anonymous kan ik dus wel een comment plaatsen. Vreemd, want met mijn account gaat het dsu niet.
Als dit nu wel lukt zou ik me overigens maar erg zorgen gaan maken over het feit dat je zo weinig reacties oproept...
Vrijwel alleen die van mij (op 2 na, waaronder MArcel toch??), en je weet, bij mij roep JIJ en je teksten ALTIJD DIRECT een reactie op.....