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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's Up Doc?

Had a very inspiring meeting with Otto, who works at FHV BBDO. We're working together on a new trend presentation. Got talking about a lot of things. Things that irritate me, for instance, always mean something. Why do Paul Witteman and Jeroen Pauw, with their late night show on Dutch television start to irritate me? It has something to do with changing moods in society. More and more I feel you can't pin truth down on people. Truth in itself has become a flexible cloud of meaning, that changes every day. And they still try to get 'the real truth' out of people. And their guests can't answer, because their truth has so many layers, they don't know where to begin: "I can give you a sort of state-of-the-truth as is today, but there might be a subtle new dimension tomorrow..". That's why I registered last year, for all the people that have more layers of truth than (for instance) our National Shame Rita Verdonk. Away with people (and Brands..!) that claim to have the real truth.
Anyway, we also talked lighter subjects like music. I feel there must be a change ahead. Not much really new is happening right now. But somewhere, there must be some people inventing the new disco or house, right now. Disco, with its strict marching rhythm, was able to recycle any older song in its march. That's why it was King for more than a decade, starting mid-70's. Just like House, with its specific spiral, building up into a trance, dominated the nineties. From march to spiral, what's next? I felt like it could be something like a network-beat, meandering in ever broader rivers that come together and flow apart again. Does that sound too strange? Well, perhaps I should ask a few DJs.. Otto told me that internationally famous trendwatcher Li Edelkoort (..) expected a new form of folk. Tuned down songs, sung by individuals. Guess the new music for a new era shouldn't automatically be dance music.. But it's getting me very interested. Something new will come up. That much is sure.


Aadiahh said...

Li Edelkoort's(?) observation might very well be true, it's been a long time since 'folk' was appreciated by the masses. It's been about 35 years, ever since then it has been mainly electronic/ electrified music. For Melanie this might be the beginning of a whole new era.

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