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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Storm And Rain, Winds from the West..

While in Vancouver the rain is hitting hard (at around zero degrees), we're suffering the worst storm weather in 20 years, here in the Netherlands. My, this last year we have broken every weather record in history. Rainiest August, Hottest Autumn, warmest winter. But this storm, it seems, has nothing to do with global warming. That's reassuring. Three deaths, though. Broken trees everywhere and all traintravellers throughout the country stranded. At work, I was holding my roof together, in my mind. My whole high pointy roof full of small bricks. And the little tower stretching out, catching all the wind. But, fingers crossed, until now everything is staying in its place. Even the plants on the roof terrace are still there (as far as I can see, that is..)
Feel a bit stormy myself. Loads of things to do still, before I leave. Makes one restless.
And to add to all this: the news of the day is that Bert, a former colleague of mine, called and asked me if I could take over a seminar from him. IN... Shanghai...! 4 days China, 1 and 2 February. It's not certain yet, but busy as I may be, this sort of challenge I will definitely take on.
And to make matters more interesting, the agency I left in september had to evacuate their offices because the building next to them lost a lot of its front plates. And they already are in the middle of a stormy merge with another agency. I can see a lot of change storming through, in 2007. Prepare!

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