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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not my day

This wat definitely not my day. Had to rush all day and inbetween get a visum for China. You have to do that personally, at the embassy in The Hague.
And then, between Schiphol and The Hague something started rattling in my beautiful classic car: a BMW 3.0 cs (1973), but rebuild into a convertible by the best specialist in the Netherlands It hasn't failed me yet, honestly, I was just thinking that, when I joined the motorway. True satire life plays, sometimes. The noise became so loud I stopped at a gas station and called the ANWB. Then the big wait started, after one-and-a-half hour their technician arrived. By that time I was completely ZEN. First you feel stressed, but after 15 minutes I knew I would never reach The Hague in time and I closed my eyes to enjoy some winter sun through my car window. Shame my feet got cold after an hour. Shame also that the technician couldn't do anything but call a towaway service. There he went, my beautiful red. The only good thing was my little brother who woke up little Oshoun (pretty daugther of 1,5 years old) and drove up to collect me. After a few sips of a Burger King vanilla milkshake, she even started smiling at me. Makes your day.
And so I walked into the office at just after two o'clock, not even that depressed. Forgetting I had to be at a research agency about an hour later.
And please, no jokes about classic cars. Real beauty has its price. That was what I was thinking, waiting in my car. Now I hope the price of a new transmission will not be too high.. And tomorrow, I can try again at the embassy.. With a borrowed car. Thank you Sylwia.

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