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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dreaming of Scott Bowie?

Not done too much work today. Had a very strange night. Could hardly get to sleep and then had some sort of speedy dreams, very short, hectic periods.. Woke up about twenty times, remembering bits and pieces. I practically never remember a dream, so they must have been strong ones. One dream was interesting because I had it once before. The only thing I can still recollect is that it features an ex-colleague and a pencil sharpener and I know she should not accept it because it will kill her somehow. I try to save her frantically, but when I woke it didn’t feel like I succeeded. So please, all ex-colleagues, be careful with pencil sharpeners, especially when offered by strange men that may be after your life! Is it full moon out there or did I drink too much coffee? Dream analysis anyone?

Wrote a few lines, finishing a book about my favorite star: David Bowie. His albums were ahead of the times in both the seventies and the nineties, his peak periods. If we’re talking about artistic value, of course. His monetary value rocketed in his boring eighties.. Have been downloading a few Bowie remixes (one 10 minute remix of Bowie singing a Scott Walker song: Nite Flights. Two of my favorite singers. They should duet sometime). Eargasms. And have been searching for Orrin E. Klapp in the meantime, the professor of sociology that wrote down the theory that inspired my book. He’s probably dead, since he was born in 1914. But I cannot find a biography anywhere. I only found out he was still alive in 1992.. Have mailed his old university of San Diego. Hoping for some news..

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