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Monday, April 2, 2007

Movies, Wonderfull

Been diving into the movies of the sixties and seventies. The beginning of the sixties gave us epic dramas like Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia and Spartacus. And the sweet 'sing with me, everyone, it's all going to be alright' atmosphere of The Sound Of Music (1965), the bestselling movie of the decade. Perhaps you can guess why a 'sing-a-long' rerun of this movie is such a huge success again.
Then the big change of 1966-1972 (think Barbarella, or Woodstock, for instance) followed by the insecurities of the seventies with all its paranoia horrormovies and realistic portrayals of struggling individuals against corrupt or inefficient systems (But I already spoke about them in another blog). Will take a while to write a piece on a diverse subject like movies, but patterns are already visible.

And have written a first draft on some Stevie Wonder stuff, perhaps I will post it, see the entry below if I find it publishable tonight..

Have to think hard if I miss anything from Holland, since Marcel will be on a plane within 36 hours. Can't think of anything, but I am sure some items will pop up when I am waiting for him at the airport. Well, they won't be that important, then. I Hope.
Anyway, will do some more sightseeing when he's arrived. Perhaps limit the work to mornings..

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