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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

from Orca to ABN AMRO, all of nature is acting strange

Yesterday, during a great lunch at PointNoPoint, we got shocking news: this year, it seems the Orcas are NOT returning from San Francisco! There is more salmon there, it was mentioned. Another example of nature changing, I guess? But very unfair. Yesterday I wrote about this beautiful place and how it would be great living here as Orca. Now they have emigrated! And to America, of all countries. Don't they know there that each Orca might be involved in terrorist activities? Has anyone checked their visa? And you there, Orcas: Spoiled brats! Get back here now! Marcel traveled all the way from Holland to look at you! We want our Orca and we want it now!

Well other 'natural' things are getting out of hand too, I read on the net. A group of people wanting to 'save' the HEMA, by collectively buying stock. What a creative idea, and such a sign of the times! Can I still join? We're in a closing mindframe right now in the Netherlands, trying to keep things as they are and having more collective identity. Buying the HEMA together would fit perfectly. But unfortunately it will probably go wrong, not reaching the level of collective action. A little more pressure is needed to get the Dutch 'sheep' crossing the line of action. If I were an advertising agency, though, I would offer my resources. Guaranteed PR value, the story of a country fighting for it's collective symbols. It would be a worldwide revolution..

And now also the ABN AMRO... The thought of the biggest bank of Holland being sold (imaginable) or even being split up between three banks (unimaginable!). Even for me, this reaches a point where I feel threatened a little. I am closing too, finding this sort of opportunistic economic ruling out of bounds. And probably it will all end in tears in a few years.

Well, no tears here today. Weather's not too bad, driving down to Victoria today where we will celebrate Marcel's birthday tomorrow. Were planning on taking an Orca trip, have to find something else to do now..!

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