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Friday, April 6, 2007

walking around, disco and low

Took another day off because it's Good Friday and the Library is closed. So all the time in the world to collect my iWork and walk around another part of the city with Marcel, who always likes a walk around town. Did some second hand bookstores untill I was slowly but surely dragged outside by Marcel (only three books! But he was right, the weather was far too good to stay in shops for that long. Will go back when M's gone.. Walked around Kitsilano, see pic of downtown Vancouver from the Kits-beachfront.

One of the new books is about the disco era. Already browsed through a few pages. If you can make a job out of your hobby.. The book's got a small catalogue in the back. Home again I immediately downloaded some oldies from Emusic ( Very good download site, loads of old soul and disco, and cheap. No need for illegal downloads with this kind of site. A few songs by lesser known disco divas Frances Nero (best known for 'Footsteps Following Me', but did a great record for Motown already in the sixties), Claudja Barry, Barbara Mason, Linda Clifford and long versions of the very camp Silver Convention (Fly Robin Fly was a big hit just like Get Up And Boogie and Save Me). Very German, but very disco too.

Tomorrow I will go to the Library for a few hours of work. Have read a great small book on Low, one of the many outstanding David Bowie records. Amazing to read about one of your favorite albums and getting whole new insights into the life of your hero. He really was far out there, during that period (1975-1976). Hilarious reading stuff, but will write more about that soon. Let me just quote Bowie on the album (Station To Station) he made in LA, before he escaped to Europe (France and later Berlin) to record Low. STS was made in a total coke psychosis in which Bowie even hired an exorcist for his swimming pool because actor Peter Sellers had warned him of the occult danger of 'dark stains' at the bottom of swimming pools. Anyway, he was so out of it, he later claimed "I know Station To Station was recorded in Los Angeles, because I read it was."
More on Low later. And good that I finally learned how Bowie created those revolutionary drum parts on side A of Low.

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