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Monday, April 16, 2007

Perfection inbetween

Found the most amazing B&B at the shore of Sooke, Vancouver Island. Two balconies, private beach, and still affordable.. ( Perfect view on the ocean and even some snow covered mountains in the distance: Mount Washington, USA. Total perfection. We told the owner so, but she looked a bit shy. Now we know why: after the perfect day yesterday, this morning it's rain rain rain again. Never mind, ultimate perfection would perhaps be too much. But this is one great place to stay. Perhaps I should move here to write..?
Yesterday was perfect in every sense. If I were an Orca, and New Zealand would be a bit too far for swimming, I wouldn't mind living here. We took the slow ferry from Galiano, first to Mayne and Pender, finally arriving at Vancouver Island. What a great trip. Total happiness for me seems to be being on a boat between beautiful islands, mountains everywhere, some filled with trees, others with snow caps. Being underway on a boat, it's a sort of dreamstate, where you can really be in the moment. Nothing to do but enjoy the sights, the serenity of water and mountains. For me it's sort of positive melancholy, a longing for perfection. Emotionally and visually totally perfect. Could go on, but would have to think of the right decription to make the pictures come alive. Perhaps in a novel, some time in the future. But that was one great morning.
While writing I notice the rain is withdrawing a little. Good! We will enjoy some more sights today.

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