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Thursday, April 12, 2007

waiting a quickie

It's before 7.00 AM and I'm waiting. Anyone in a relationship with a neurotic early leaver will understand what I'm going through. It's my own fault. Forgot to check the alarm clock. Usually I try to push it bak half an hour or 40 minutes, without him knowing. Now, I'm waiting.. After almost ten years, you get to know each other. I am more of a neurotic latecomer. And that doesn't help. The stories how I ran for life through airports. But I never missed a plane! Nice stories though, can tell you a trick on keeping a flight to London on the ground for half an hour while you're getting an emergency passport.
Well, we'll be leaving on time now. See if we will make the ferry, after waiting at the car rental agency until it opens at eight...

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