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Friday, April 27, 2007

Goji incentives

Have been so busy typing on my theory part that I feel a slight pain in my wrist. Oops, have you heard the story of the aspired writer who got struck with RSI, the infamous mouse-illness (do they even know RSI in other countries than Holland..?).
But a succesful day, and I immediately treated myself to 3 books and 5 CD's. Was looking for Kraftwerk, but found another Bowie- and a Nine Inch Nails remix (and Salt'nPepa for sentimental reasons, "ooh-baby-baby"). For less than 7 euro's, who's complaining? I needed an incentive, because another plan fell through: a performance of LCD Soundsystem was sold out, just like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It's not easy keeping up with the hipsters.
In the papers today: 1 in 5 Canadians have Herpes Genitalis. No cure for that. More hope for the treatment of cancer: a berry (the fruit), named Goji, has been found in the Himalayas, China and Tibet. It looks like a cranberry, but has been labelled as "the most nutritionally dense food ever discovered on the planet". It contains all 8 amino acids essential for life, 21 minerals, including germanium (anti-cancer, rarely found in food), a complete spectrum of antioxydants and more protein than whole wheat. Eat a handful each day and you'll never be able to die. Would it grow in a pot on my roofterrace?
Enthusiasts can order their seeds at

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