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Thursday, April 19, 2007

NO Orcas today, they all have gone away..

No Orcas today. Took a Zodiac out to sea, because rumour had it the Orcas were back. But not today. Nice trip though, I love boats and being on the water. Our guide was one of those guys you immediately associate with guides on zodiacs.. There seems to be a personality that fits every guiding job all over the world: joke here, story there, little goatee. Funny. Reminded us of all the guides we had during our trip through New Zealand. As we were musing about that, this guy told us he was from NZ... Saw a lot of sealions even one that had just caught a huge fish and was throwing it up into the air and tearing bits off. Had to console Marcel, he was very intent on seeing Orcas. Better luck next time. Had a nice birthday yesterday, after the champagne, flowers and chocolates I ordered had arrived. Already slightly swaggering we went for diner in a nice bistro in the neighbourhood the owners of our B&B had booked for us. And we bought a lot of books. Loads of second hand bookstores in Victoria. Which is, we must conclude, a pretty, healthy but rather boring city. After you've walked along the harbour and taken your boat trip and had something to eat on one of the small patios, there really isn't that much to do. But our B&B is beautiful. One of the owners is an artist and he makes huge ceramics. Marcel immediately compared them to the cakes the famous Dutch Siemon de Jong makes in his shop 'De Taart van Mijn Tante' (the Tart of my Aunt). He was right, they had something campy and cakelike. But don't know whether Fernando, the artist/owner liked his comments (the piece Marcel was comparing to a cake had a pricetag of 6000 dollars). It is a nice piece of work. Tomorrow back to Vancouver and back to work. Will work harder on the theory behind my book, not only on the little pieces on culture that illustrate the main theme..

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