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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Marcel has arrived.

Marcel has safely arrived and we walked around town today (me feeling the slightest bit guilty for taking 'a day off'..). Good he's here. Makes me work a little on my conversation abilities. We did a little shopping in Chinatown, which is rather difficult, because even here they refuse to put English signs next to the strangest of produce. Would like to try a few things, but hey: is it fruit, fish or fermented meat? Moved away from the dried squid (a form easily detectable). Did not look very appealing. Nice fruit selection, though.
Marcel, of course, wanted to stop by his favorite shop (Winners). And I got just a little moody after it seemed impossible to get a version of iWorks, the text software you have to buy separately from your Mac. My free trial period is almost over.. But they don't have it in stock. So you sell me the computer and you don't have the software? Interesting. 'but you can order easily online..' 'Hello Apple, what can we do for you today?' I want to order iWorks.. 'Sorry but we can't take orders if the billing address is outside of Canada..'
Yep, it's that easy. But in the end I found a store somewhere in Vancouver that's keeping one for me. Pffew. Imagine not being able to work because of software problems.
Tonight Marcel is cooking a great diner: salmon with spinach and green asparagus with lemon and ginger. Sounds good. Life's good. See if I can do some writing while he cooks...

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