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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Galiano Island

The Serenity (left) with ocean view and the ferry (right)

A few days later.. No internet for two days and barely any phone connection. Even had two try a couple of times before I could get a short connection to congratulate my brother Rob on his birthday. But Nice! Very laid-back.. We made the ferry (about an hour early, thanks to Marcel..) and it took us to Galiano. Lovely island. The Serenity lodge was left to temporary caretakers so even Marcel could be persuaded to drink tea with them. "If it had been tree-huggers I would have left the tea ceremony to you" he said. Well well. Our cottage was great. Lovely room, high ceilings with a lot of glass looking out over the ocean. There were teddybears everywhere, and no, Anke that's not a selling point for a man my age. (But little travel bear liked the company.)
Next day was full of rain. We just stayed in the big bed or behind the computer. Did some work on the Dutch 'action Tomato' in the sixties (throwing tomatoes at oldfashioned plays on stage) and on Rob De Nijs. The famous singer had his first hitsingle in 1963 and immediately was Holland's favorite. But three years later, he was boo-ed at concerts and teenagers shouted behind him: "Hey, fool, we hate your slimy songs..!!" Another victim of a suddenly changing cultural climate.
Did some driving around the next day, suddenly beautiful weather..

Marcel in front of the Serenity lodge and travel bear enjoying himself on the beach.

Walked up to some beaches, very quiet, very laid-back. The total population arresting at 1100 people, they still love the multicultural society here. And so we had diner with a Thai lady having her own shop on the little island the first night, went over to a fine French cuisine restaurant the following night (where Huguette, with heavy French accent, ruled tables and kitchen). Great diner. And the last night we ate at an Indonesian 'cantine' where a woman from Indonesia with a heavy German accent (she had lived there in her youth) served both Indonesian food and hamburgers. Canadians are fun, friendly and open. More later.

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