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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Mies wat maak je me nou?

Have been in the library a few hours while Marcel went shopping. Took one of the many books (fifteen or so) he brought from Holland and dived into a very Dutch fenomenon: the uproar a TV show in 1964 created. All hell broke loose over a comical sketch in which TV addiction was ridiculed by presenting it as the new religion. Hardly offending nowadays, but in the closed mentality of the early sixties, it was enough to ignite a fire of unbelievable proportions. That's what you get if you 'open up' to early, one might comment. Two years later, exploration broke loose. But perhaps sensing the change in the air already, large groups of people hit the brakes and were even threatening to kill one of the presenters, Mies Bouwman. Which is interesting in itself because not even a year before all this hassle she acquired near-saint status after presenting a 24 hours charity show. In closed timeframes, one cannot be both good and bad. So half of the population simply denied she was responsible (a wide spread rumour had it she had protested vehemently against the sketch) and the other half wanted her burned as a witch.
Wrote a quick draft. See below. Always good to share.

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