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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The romance of a jacuzzi

What is it with Jacuzzis? We had a private one in our B&B. Looked at it and each other for two days (nod nod, wink wink): “we have to get in there at least once”. And so, the last evening, we got a ‘bath ball’ at Lush (the innovative Canadian company with all the soap displayed like groceries and sweets: and decided to step into the fun. Took about half an hour to fill up the bath, and then the water was too hot to get in. After ten more minutes of adding cold water, we endorsed ourselves in the total romantic package: bath ball, candles, music, each other.
And were out of there ten minutes later. Just can’t find the romance in it.. It’s to hot to even think about sex, so you just sit there, sweating, getting more and more red in the face, trying to keep up the romantic pretense as long as possible. Even the water jets were disappointingly weak. Marcel, always the more romantic type, even quit before me. Your skin dries out in the water and you have to take a shower to get rid of the soap (and the awful smell of the bath ball). Is it a male thing? Can only women enjoy the process of sitting in a bath? Are men to result oriented to indulge in the romance? I have the most beautiful bath at home, but I must admit my average yearly usage of it does not rise above 0,75.
I’d rather do a great B&B breakfast any time than a Jacuzzi. Had great conversations with complete strangers that always turn out to be much nicer than you would expect. We discussed cultural differences (always my hobby horse) with Israelis, Americans and Canadians. And left almost sorry for not having more time to spend. Would that be an idea for a better world? Just having people meet over breakfast for an hour and talk about the pleasant side of life?
Only if the conversation between people goes stale, we will then put them in a Jacuzzi together. That’s one positive point: a hot bath will drain every macho’s energy.

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